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Admission Requirements

TCA considers it a great privilege to partner with families in the education of their children. At the same time, it is important to note that enrollment at TCA is itself a privilege, not a right.  Our hope is to walk alongside families over many years in a journey culminating in a young person graduating and moving on to fulfill God’s purpose for his or her life. In order for this to happen well, school, student and home must work together. Continued enrollment and reenrollment, therefore, depend not only on a student’s actions and attitudes, but also upon continued parental support of the school, its staff, and its policies.

  • Open enrollment for the upcoming school year begins in February after re-enrollment concludes for current students and their siblings.  When classes reach capacity, waiting lists may be created.
  • For all new students, the formal admission process begins when a family requests an admissions interview with the appropriate campus administrator. Attendance at this interview is required for secondary students.
  • After the interview, families may receive the online application via email to complete.
  • Upon receipt of the completed application, students may test for admissions as needed.
  • It is recommended for students entering grades 3-12 that the student visit TCA for a day, shadowing their future classmates and getting a feel for the school’s unique culture.
  • Once your application is approved and all supplementary documents are received, you will then receive a link to enroll at TCA. 
  • New students are accepted on a one semester probationary period.
  • PK3 and PK4 students must be 3 or 4 years old respectively by September 1 and be completely potty-trained.
  • Kindergarten students must be 5 years old by September 1 in order to apply.  1st graders must transfer from an acceptable kindergarten program or be 6 years old by September 1. A readiness test is required of new students entering kindergarten and 1st grade.
  • Students entering grades 2-12 are considered based on scholastic aptitude as determined by TCA admissions testing, past achievement tests, previous school report cards, teacher recommendations, and the admission interview. Admission and achievement test scores must be on grade level (at or above the 50th percentile), and only nationally recognized test scores will be accepted, including: Aspire, Stanford, California, Iowa, Terra Nova, and ERB. Students transferring from other schools, including home-school, who have not taken an achievement test recognized by TCA within the last six months will be administered an admission test prior to acceptance.
  • Students transferring from another school must have grades in the ABC range for the previous year (K-5) or semester (6-12).
  • In order to be admitted, students must agree to the school’s purposes and goals and agree to take courses required for graduation and college admissions.  
  • Homeschooled students and students from unaccredited private schools may be required to take and pass a placement exam deemed appropriate by TCA before being awarded transfer credit.
  • No transfers are allowed into any grade during the final grading period of the school year.
  • Senior transfers are not admitted after the first day of the spring semester.
  • Applicants should understand that TCA does not offer a modified curriculum for students with special academic needs. We do offer limited accommodations to students with diagnosed learning differences/disabilities through our elementary Eagles Wings program and the Academic Learning Center on the secondary level. Additional fees apply for participants in these programs.
  • An up-to-date immunization record signed by a doctor or Director of Public Health is required.  This record must be on file before admission to class.  
  • New students must have a good disciplinary record to be granted admission.  No students will be accepted who have been expelled from another school or who are known users of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs.  
  • Families and/or students found to have misrepresented or withheld information vital to the admission process (past disciplinary issues, learning disabilities, etc.), may be expelled or forced to withdraw.
  • Students applying for high school admission must have successfully completed coursework similar to that offered at TCA in order to be prepared to work toward successful application for admission to a four-year college or university.
  • Previous Bible courses are not required for incoming students transferring from schools that do not offer or require Bible classes.
  • Students applying for 10th grade without an Algebra I credit will not be eligible for admission without administrative approval.
  • Homeschooled students and students from unaccredited private schools may be required to take and pass a placement exam deemed appropriate by TCA before being awarded transfer credits.
  • At least one parent must have a credible profession of faith in Jesus Christ, and at least one parent and all enrolled children must attest to regularly attending an area Bible-believing church.  The family must be in accord with the Christian educational philosophy and policies of Trinity Christian Academy as outlined in this handbook.
  • The biblical and philosophical goal of Trinity Christian Academy is to develop students into mature, Christlike individuals who will be able to exhibit a Christlike life.  Of necessity, this involves the school's understanding and belief of what qualities or characteristics exemplify a Christlike life.  All students are expected to exhibit the qualities of a Christlike life espoused and taught by the school and to refrain from immoral activities or behavior.  Thus TCA retains the right to refuse enrollment or to expel any student who engages in sexual immorality, including any student who professes homosexual, bisexual or transgender identity or engages in homosexual, bisexual, or transgender conduct, as well as any student who condones, supports, or otherwise promotes such practices (Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:27).  
  • TCA's biblical role is to work in conjunction with the home to mold students to be Christlike.  On occasion, the atmosphere or conduct within a particular home may be counter or in opposition to the biblical lifestyle the school teaches.  This includes, but is not necessarily limited to sexual immorality, homosexual or transgender orientation, or inability to support the moral principles of the school.  In such cases, the school reserves the right, within its sole discretion, to refuse admission of an applicant or to discontinue enrollment of a student.