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TCA Academic Learning Center

Secondary 6-12


Trinity Christian Academy offers a two-tiered support program for students who have a diagnosis or diagnoses confirmed by a current psycho-educational diagnostic evaluation report. Diagnostic reports are required to be no more than three years old. There is an additional fee required for these services.

To be considered for acceptance in the Academic Learning Center, each student must complete an ALC
application and submit a complete current psycho-educational diagnostic evaluation report documenting a
diagnostic need for accommodations.
*ALC staff and TCA administration reserve the final decision on ALC enrollment and tier placement.

On the ALC application there is a place for you to mark your preference on whether to be enrolled in Tier 1 or
Tier 2. However, enrollment into Tier 2 is limited so the necessary, appropriate attention and guidance can be
devoted to each individual student. A committee will review the paperwork and offer a place in Tier 1 or Tier 2
depending on the needs of the student and the space available.

Students report to the Learning Center as part of their regular school day.  Adjustments to graduation plans can be made in the areas of Fine Arts, if necessary.

Upon acceptance into the program, a monthly fee will be required. A bill from the Business Office will be sent monthly and is separate from tuition.
See pricing below.

Tier 1- $100 a month
Designed for students who need extra support with minimal accommodations per individual diagnoses,
potentially including extended time on tests (1.5 time) and quiet testing environment, preferential seating in the
classroom, instructional notes provided where necessary. These students will not be enrolled in the full ALC

Tier 2- $250 a month

  • Students will receive accommodations that will be administered through the teachers of the student and
    the Academic Learning Center teacher.
  • ALC class will meet 4 out of 5 days.
  • Equipping students with appropriate strategies and skills in the area of executive functioning (time and
    task management, organization, academic habits, etc.) to become self-directed and responsible young
    men and women.
  • Monitoring weekly grade reports in each academic subject, discussing strategies for improvement with
    each student, and contacting parents/teachers when needed.
  • Providing a liaison, when necessary, among the student, teachers, parents/guardians, and
    administration on behalf of the student.
  • Providing a positive and encouraging atmosphere that helps students live the truth from Psalms 139:14
    “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very
  • Testing will take place in the ALC rooms (middle school students in room 225 and room 206 for high
    school students).
  • To ensure the most adequate service is provided, enrollment in this tier/class will be capped.

For additional information, please contact ALC Director Kathy Haxel at 817-441-5897. Her office is located at Trinity Christian Academy Secondary Campus.

ALC Staff: