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In an effort to communicate the high expectations of our faculty and staff, TCA Elementary teachers worked together to create the following list of elementary school expectations. When you come into our elementary school, you will see...

Quality Elementary Teaching

Teachers will…

  • lead their students to develop a Biblical worldview.
  • create an environment in which learning is fun, hands-on and encourages a love of learning.
  • provide times for students to work collectively, individually and in learning groups.
  • provide opportunities for varied learning activities.
  • use various gifted and talented strategies to encourage higher-order thinking skills in all students
  • use math and science manipulatives regularly- in all grades.
  • collaborate with teachers in order to encourage and strengthen one another.
  • display and teach conduct expectations to students.
  • keep interactions with students, parents and TCA staff positive and Christ-like.
  • provide consistent communication with parents.
Engaged Student Learning

Students will…

  • engage in learning.
  • learn through “hands on” activities.
  • move in the classroom, take breaks and have fun learning.
  • work in teams and collaborate with other students
  • exhibit an interest and love for learning through their actions/attitudes.
  • know conduct expectations and display a respect for teachers and staff.
Excellent Classroom Environment

Our classrooms will…

  • be happy! positive and encouraging.
  • appear bright, clean, colorful, warm and welcoming.
  • have furnishings that are age appropriate.
  • be organized, structured and consistent.
  • be Christian. It will be obvious that this is a Christian school.
  • display student work.
  • be safe for students (physically and emotionally).
Beautiful Elementary Building

The building will…

  • be warm and welcoming.
  • be clean.
  • have evidence of being a Christian school through scripture and symbols.
  • be bright and colorful.
  • display student work.
  • be secure.
  • show that good, creative learning and teaching is happening at TCA.
Intentional Parent Involvement

Parents will…

  • work as a team with the teacher.
  • respect teachers decisions. If there is a problem, they will arrange a time to talk to the teacher first.
  • become involved in Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF).
  • help teachers with special lessons and projects when teachers ask for help.
  • help with class parties during the year and drive on field trips.
  • check assignment books, read newsletters and get information from renweb.
  • schedule a time with teachers for conferences.
Involved Administration

The elementary principal will…

  • pray for teachers, students and families at TCA.
  • serve teachers, students and families.
  • build an administrative office team which will support teachers.
  • observe each classroom several times during year to encourage and challenge teachers.
  • encourage team planning and campus-wide planning.
  • provide meaningful in-services in order to strengthen teachers.
  • encourage teacher-to- teacher observations and support.
  • provide mentors for new teachers.
  • become a tool for teachers to use in regards to discipline, parent conflicts, teaching strategies and any school needs.

TCA provides a variety of learning opportunities for students in grades Pre-K through 5.  With smaller class sizes and engaging enrichment courses, TCA elementary students begin their school career with a well-rounded curriculum that will allow them to flourish as they continue through their education.