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Personal bio: Mrs. Creal has served in Christian education since 2001. She has taught secondary Math, English, and Bible, served as an Academic/College Advisor since 2016 and has been a K-12 Principal. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Tyler and a Master of Education in Educational Administration from LeTourneau University. Her journey at TCA began in 2018 when she served on an accreditation team with Dr. Steve Newby. After hearing him speak so highly of Trinity, Mrs. Creal researched the school and watched for an open position, which came in the winter of 2021, and she could not be happier to serve students, their families, and the educational team at Trinity. Mrs. Creal has three grown children, two grandchildren, a son Seth, who will graduate from TCA in 2023, and two dogs. She is a newlywed as she was married in May and attends Trinity Bible Church. 

Role at TCA: Mrs. Creal serves and ministers to high school students as they choose courses each year and work through all aspects of the college application and admissions process.  She organizes the annual Christian College Fair held at TCA each September. Mrs. Creal also collaborates with the administrative team and secondary teachers to enhance and strengthen the spiritual, academic, and relational lives of students. 

Why is TCA a special place for you?  "Moving to TCA has been like coming home to a family I didn't know that I had. I love the team with whom I work and the students and families I am privileged to serve. I appreciate the biblical foundation from which academics are taught, the deep sense of community, and the emphasis on serving the Lord with a heart of love, joy, and gratitude. It is my joy to serve here each day, and I am so grateful that Seth has a group of friends who are genuine in their walk with Christ and teachers who daily pour truth, love, and knowledge into him.”