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  • Bible 2 (10th Grade) -

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  • Honors English II
    Students should read Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens. This is a long novel (over 500  pages). Please purchase the novel early and annotate it according to the details on the worksheet passed out at the end of the freshman-year English class. (New students may collect a sheet by emailing Mrs. Creacy ( The novel will be required to be annotated to accomplish completion and comprehension. The first couple weeks of school will be used for discussions, worksheets, writings, and a test. 
    Amazon link for the novel:
  • English II 
    Students should read a novel, personal preference (fiction or non-fiction and not any of the novels listed for future classes, please). Make sure the novel is within the guidelines of an acceptable novel. The novel must be at least 200 plus pages in length, and students should be prepared to complete a novel review sheet and discuss the novel in front of the class. If you have any questions or are concerned about your choice of novel, please feel free to contact Mrs. Peterson.