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Steve Newby, Elementary Principal

Personal Bio: Dr. Steve Newby has been in education for 43 years, 39 of which he served in Christian education in Plano, Dallas, and Arlington. Dr. Newby has served as a principal and a head of school throughout his Christian school career until recently where he has for the past five years teaching high school Bible at Southwest Christian in Ft. Worth. Steve attended what is now Texas A&M in Commerce graduating with a Bachelor of Science in History and English and a Master’s of Education. In 2014, he earned his Doctorate in Education at Texas Wesleyan University in Ft. Worth. He and his wife of 44 years, Sherry, live in Ft. Worth. Sherry currently teaches 5th Grade at Southwest Christian. Their three children are all Christian school graduates and they have blessed them with five grandchildren. For the last 27 years, Steve and Sherry have attended Pantego Bible Church in Ft. Worth where they currently serve in the Children’s Ministry working with 3rd Graders.  A licensed minister, Dr. Newby has also served as an Elder and Community Group Teacher at Pantego Bible Church.

Role at TCA: "As the Elementary Principal my role is to be a servant-leader, helping to ensure that we provide an excellent education in a Christ-centered environment at TCA."

Why is TCA a special place for you?  "It is clear to me that God’s hand is here. Working and praying with those who are a part of the TCA family is a great blessing and privilege."