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The Value of Vision

April 10, 2017
By Mike Skaggs

Two weeks ago, members of our school family gathered for the first TCA Family Dinner. What a special evening it was as we enjoyed a sweet time of fellowship and sharing of how TCA has blessed families over the years. I look forward to events similar to this as we prepare to celebrate TCA’s 25th anniversary next year.

My thoughts below are based largely upon remarks I shared at the Family Dinner. For those of you who couldn’t join us that evening, I hope this is helpful and useful to you in terms of better understanding what we’re about here at Trinity Christian Academy.

Thanks for your partnership,



An organization’s vision is important. As the word suggests, “vision” is a mental image of an ideal future if the organization successfully fulfills its purpose. This idea is then accompanied by the organization’s mission which goes on to describe how the vision can be brought to fruition. Simply put, vision is the “what” and mission is the “how.”

Trinity Christian Academy’s vision (our reason for existing) is “to help each student fulfill God’s purpose for his/her life and reach maximum potential in a joint effort between school, student, family, and church.” Our mission (how we carry out that vision) is to develop “excellence in education, character, and servant leadership through a Christ-centered, biblical perspective.” We filter all we do through these statements. In fact, our administrative team begins every one of our weekly meetings with a reading of these statements.

With vision being such a big deal, we must seriously consider the question: “So what is God’s purpose for our students?” This is an important question not just for our children, but for us all. To answer it well, we look to scripture.

In Matthew, Jesus taught that our purpose is to love God with our whole heart, soul, and mind. He followed this with a command to love other people just as we would want to be loved, going to say that these commands sum up all of the law and prophets. Since He is, after all, “the Word made flesh,” he ought to know! So, let’s look back a little further in God’s word at what the Bible has to say through one of the Old Testament prophets.

Micah 6:8 summarizes God’s purpose for each of us, and, as should be expected from an unchanging God, it lines right up with Jesus’ teaching. Micah tells us that what is “good” is “doing justice,” “loving kindness,” and “walking humbly with God.” Bottom line? The eternal, divinely appointed purpose for people and for institutions bearing His name (including families, churches, and Christian schools) is to Love God and Love People wholeheartedly.

Accordingly, this is our school’s goal in all things – academics, athletics, creative arts, social activities, relationships, service projects, trips…everything! We won’t always do it perfectly, but this is our heart. And when this is done alongside families and churches that share this vision, we stand a pretty good chance of developing young men and women with lives that are “good” from a divine perspective. Our boys and girls can grow to become men and women who walk with the Lord, act justly and love kindness. But even then, this is going to look different for different people.

Some organizations literally bear the name of Christ (churches, Christian schools, parachurch ministries, etc.), and some individuals engage in full or part-time vocational ministry, spending their working hours singularly focused on loving God and people. In our school’s relatively short history, we’ve seen a number of TCA students go on to live out this calling as pastors, missionaries, worship leaders, Christian school teachers, and other forms of occupational ministry.

But at TCA, we know God’s call to love Him and others applies to all walks of life. We believe that if we are to live fulfilled lives in keeping with God’s design, everyone should engage in loving God and loving others well. This is the ultimate purpose for everyone in the TCA family (students, staff, and parents alike). In fact, I venture to say this is the purpose of every person!

This brings us to another key part of what TCA is all about.

This call to love God and people well is reflected in Jesus’ final command to go out and make disciples. This call to discipleship informs all that we do here at TCA. At the core, every part of TCA school life is a vehicle for discipleship.  

I believe this to be the heart of intentional Christian parents too, and I know it is the heart of our area pastors. But none of us should have to do it alone. There’s simply not enough time or energy in our busy world! Working together, however, we can offer our children the chance to grow into all God designed them to be, fulfill His purpose for their lives. What a blessing for our students to have this opportunity!

Thanks for your partnership in this effort, and thanks for your help in making this type of training accessible to as many students in our area as possible.