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Is Your Head in the Clouds?

May 23, 2016
By Mike Skaggs

It is told that the Greek philosopher Thales once stumbled into a well while walking along with his head thrown back, studying the stars. Shortly afterward, a servant girl heard his cry for help and pulled him out of the well. In doing so, she observed that this brilliant man who so eagerly studied the heavens had failed to see what lay at his own feet.

As we finish up another school year, I look around and see myself and others make the same mistake. We become so concerned with lofty questions about culture, religion, politics, etc., that we forget to look down and see where our own two feet are taking us. I’ve been so upset recently with things happening in Washington, Austin, and even here at home, that I find myself losing track of the moment that is now and the place that is here. It reminds me of the old pastor’s warning against becoming “so heavenly minded that we’re no earthly good.”

So, as summer draws near, slow down and look around. During the 81 days between Friday and the first day of school next year, carve out time for the following to avoid stumbling into your own version of Thales’ well...

  • Time with your kids. They need and deserve it, and no matter how much they might act like they don’t want it (I have a teenager—I know “the look”), they crave it. Slowing down and playing with your kids (be goofy now and then!) will do you some good too.
  • Time with the Lord. Unlike our kids, God doesn’t need time with us, but He does want it, and He definitely deserves it. You, on the other hand, really need this one!
  • Time for being good to other people. When this happens, we all benefit. Consider combining this with #1 above. Plan now to spend time serving others as a family!
  • Time for being good to yourself. If Jesus needed to pull away from the crowd at times to re-energize, then I’m pretty sure you do too! Obviously this can be abused, but if it never happens, you’re no good to anyone.

May the Lord bless you and keep you this summer. I believe He has much in store for the TCA family in 2016/17. I pray that this summer will be just what it needs to be to set the stage for victories to come.

See you all August 17!


PS…Actually I’ll see you all on August 15. Mark your calendars for that evening’s back to school orientation meetings!