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25th Anniversary Legacy Dinner

April 23, 2018
By Mike Skaggs

Again and again I have heard from the TCA family and people throughout our community what a wonderful evening the 25th Anniversary Legacy Dinner turned out to be. Well, of course it was! When you combine a rich history worth celebrating and a group of staff and volunteers that are extremely talented at event planning, you can’t go wrong!

First of all, it was incredible to see our goal of $150,000 not only met, but exceeded! The final tally was just over $180,000 (after expenses). Praise God! As a result, TCA will purchase a new bus to transport students beginning next fall. How exciting! And not only can we proceed with improvements to the elementary playground, but we can also provide needed upgrades in the elementary building! Look for “in progress” updates on the TCA Facebook page over the summer months as those projects get underway. Finally, we will implement a variety of security upgrades including the installation of security bollards, improvements to campuswide video security systems, and the application of shatterproof film to exterior windows.

On a personal level, it was fun for me to tell stories that night about my great-grandfather Willie Skaggs and his brother Frank. I shared about these two “circuit rider” preachers to illustrate what it means to leave a legacy. Little did I know how that would resonate with those in attendance! It has been fun over the past few days to hear stories of similar legacies in other TCA families.

Perhaps the most touching part of the evening was seeing so many faces from TCA’s rich history. Our founder Dr. Marsha Barber was on hand along with former staff, board members, and even alumni from those early years to celebrate all that God has done through the ministry of Trinity Christian Academy. What a blessing to hear their stories! I love them all and it was good to be in the same room again.

But now...a couple of weeks have passed. Barber Gym is back to normal, and that special evening is itself in the history books. All that’s left are memories and that weird “morning after” sense that can leave us asking, “Now what?”

The answer is easy! We just keep doing what we do. We begin another 25 years by being faithful today. Alongside families and churches, we continue to help students identify the Lord’s purpose for their lives and reach their God-given potential. Through a Christ-centered, biblical perspective, we continue to devote ourselves to developing excellence in education, character, and leadership development. It may look different in 2018 than it did in 1993 (as it should), but the heart of TCA has not changed, nor will it.

Again, thanks to those of you who played a part in the 25th Anniversary Legacy Dinner. Looking forward, I also want to say thanks in advance for doing your part in laying the foundation for another celebration 25 years from now when those planning TCA’s Golden Anniversary gather to share OUR story. Let’s give ‘em a good one.

Let’s be good ancestors.