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Re-Enrollment Reminders

January 08, 2018
By Mike Skaggs

Current TCA families may begin the process of re-enrolling their children for the 2018/19 school year one week from today. Each family will receive detailed re-enrollment information soon with instructions how to complete this important online process. If at any point you have questions regarding re-enrollment, please contact our enrollment coordinator, Dionne Wyly. She will be happy to help with any questions you might have about the process or other matters related to enrollment.

As always, we ask TCA families to re-enroll without delay for two important reasons.

First and foremost—several classes on both the elementary and secondary campuses reached capacity this year, and we expect that to be the case next year as well. We don’t want any of our current families to lose their child’s spot at TCA! Dr. Newby and Mr. Nobles have been busily conducting admissions interviews with new families for 2018/19 on an almost daily basis for weeks now, and we expect a strong turnout when enrollment opens to the public.

A second reason to re-enroll now is more practical and helpful on our end. We often see a last-minute “flood” of re-enrollment right at the deadline. Trust me...I can put things off with the best of them, so I completely understand the temptation to “do that tomorrow”! But, if all of our 300+ families waited until just before the deadline to re-enroll, managing that rush would be a huge challenge for office staff who are also working hard to daily serve our students and staff. Re-enrolling today can really help them manage that workload more effectively.

Re-enrollment begins Tuesday January 16. This protected re-enrollment period lasts for 3 weeks, ending on February 2nd. Open enrollment to the public begins on Monday, February 5.

We look forward to an exciting year at TCA in 2018/19. Re-enroll today and secure your spot in that great future!


Mike Skaggs
TCA Head of School