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"Best Kept Secret" No More

April 25, 2016
By Mike Skaggs

When I hear people say TCA is "one of the best kept secrets around," I know they mean well, but it’s the last thing any of us in the TCA family should ever want to hear. Between graduation and attrition rates typical to private schools (happily, our retention rates are higher than average), about 75 new students are needed yearly to continue providing the level of services we all want for our children. This number does not produce growth, but rather maintains our current enrollment levels.

That being said, private schools such as ours depend on good “PR,” and with word of mouth being the best publicity, I ask you all to help spread the good news of Trinity Christian Academy. While there are financial implications in terms of compensating a strong faculty, maintaining quality facilities, etc., there are other reasons to share about TCA.

When was the last time you shared with a like-minded friend at church, a family member, or a neighbor about the blessing TCA has been to your family? Doing so can be a lifeline to them and their kids. Our college preparatory Christian education not only has the potential to benefit their family, but it can also positively impact your child(ren) as well. Countless studies show the impact that peer influence has on children of all ages, and when you invite families like yours to consider TCA, you are helping build a peer group that will bless and strengthen the current TCA family (Prov. 27:17).

In order to help our families do this well, we are offering you all a couple of new tools over the next week. First, this afternoon a new TCA promotional video will be shared on our school Facebook page that beautifully depicts the heart of Trinity Christian Academy. It is professionally done, and you’ll be proud to share it with anyone you know who would be a good fit for the TCA family. You might even see the faces of a familiar student, teacher or parent! Second, next Monday, we will proudly unveil our new TCA website. Right now, many families are considering next year’s school options, and most do their research by visiting school websites, so we want to put our best foot forward. This site will also be useful for you, including a format compatible with mobile devices. Our hope is that this new website will be useful for you and something you can proudly share with friends and family.

With all this talk about sharing TCA with others, I probably need to say: don’t worry about TCA getting “too big” or “losing that small school feel.” Remember that healthy things typically grow. And when healthy families grow and mature, they become stronger and their impact benefits their members and everyone around them. TCA remains committed to strong, meaningful relationships in all directions (student-student, student-teacher, teacher-home, etc.), and in this cornerstone, we will not change. It is who we are.

So, spread the good news of TCA! Ours culture desperately needs young people trained to see God’s truth in all areas of life by godly men and women who want to see them fulfill God’s purposes for their lives. Christian schools such as ours are uniquely positioned to meet this need. Thanks for your help in fulfilling this mission.