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Be The Legacy

August 28, 2017
By Mike Skaggs

This year’s school theme is Be The Legacy, and as you might expect, I’d like to share briefly about legacy today. But first, let me tell a story...

In college, I spent a lot of time at the Tarleton Baptist Student Union. I played a lot of ping pong and ate whatever the sweet ladies from area churches would bring us once a week. And while I pretended to be growing spiritually, honestly, I was spinning my wheels until early in the spring of my sophomore year, when a friend asked if I’d ever thought about doing summer missions. On a whim, I applied, and after much prayer (wink, wink), I listed Europe and Hawaii as my preferred destinations. I mean, they need the Good News in Honolulu, right?

But of all the places in the world that need Jesus, I was sent to Houston. To put it lightly...I was disappointed. But while the Bayou City held absolutely no allure for me, that summer at the Houston Baptist Mission Center turned out to be the most life-changing 10 weeks of my life. In particular, I was impacted by the center’s director, Mildred McWhorter, or “Miss Mac” as we all knew her.

Each week, Miss Mac led us in devotions, tell amazing stories of God’s miraculous provision and transformative work in people’s lives over the 30 years she’d served in Houston’s worst neighborhoods. I remember thinking THAT kind of excitement is the what the Christian life should look like!

Throughout that summer of 1990, we visited a different church every Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening. Miss Mac came with us, telling the mission center’s story each time. And as the weeks passed, I noticed I was hearing the same stories again and again. In fact, by the time the summer ended, I could’ve given her talk myself! I eventually realized that she really only had a handful of those miraculous “God stories,” and when I did the math, I found this came to about one amazing story every 6 years with long stretches of faithful service in between.

Miss Mac’s legacy? Three vibrant mission centers. Hundreds of summer missionaries like me exposed to the reality of inner-city ministry. Tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of people fed, clothed, and presented with the life-changing truth of the gospel. What began in the early 60’s with a young woman from Alabama who moved to Houston to serve God (she never married) continues today with vibrant programs providing food, clothing, job training, marriage counseling, parenting classes, and much more for the needy in Houston and beyond (to learn more, visit

There was nothing flashy about Miss Mac. One thing she did better than anyone I’ve ever known though was that she just kept moving forward. Prayerfully seeking God’s will and asking for His provision every step of the way, she never stopped. And that’s how legacies are built.

For twenty-five years, Trinity Christian Academy has kept moving forward. Like the mission center in Houston, our founders have moved on, but their vision remains. And it’s now our turn to help students (our own children and others as well) “fulfill God’s purpose for his/her life and reach maximum potential in a joint effort between school, student, family, and church.” We continue to do this by “developing excellence in education, character, and servant leadership through a Christ-centered, biblical perspective.”

As we pick up the mantle, let’s continue the legacy started back in 1993, and let’s do it well. Let’s do it in a such a way that 25 years from now, this place will be as special, as impactful, and as faithful to our calling as it possibly can be. May we be legacy builders in this season that God has us at His school in the big splashy stuff, but more importantly, in hundreds of small, quiet, ordinary acts of faithful obedience that really count. Let’s BE THE LEGACY.

Thanks for joining me in the journey!