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Home Field Advantage

May 15, 2017
By Mike Skaggs

People make up our growing and maturing school, but the most visible evidence of our maturation is in the facilities that serve the needs of our students.

When God led the Skaggs family to TCA in 2000, school facilities consisted of the front half of our current Elementary Building and a few portables. Eagle Gym came along two years later, and soon afterward, the elementary building was finished out, equipping it to house all of grades PK-12. More portable buildings were added, and in 2004, discussions began regarding the need for a new secondary building. School leaders called for a season of prayer as we sought the Lord’s provision and direction. Seven years later, TCA’s Secondary Building opened, with the dedication Barber Gym following soon after in the spring of 2012.

We are so fortunate to enjoy facilities that serve us well and will continue to do so for years to come. These buildings are God’s gift to us and stand as a monument to the generosity of many whose time at TCA has come and gone. They allow TCA to continue in the pursuit of our vision of helping young men and women fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.

I believe there is more to come! As we celebrated another successful year of Eagle and Lady Eagle athletics at last week’s athletic banquet (thank you Booster Club for a wonderful evening!), I couldn’t help but think of how many of these successes were earned despite the lack of any true home field advantage. “When will we have our own _______?” (track, field, etc.) is one of the most common questions I hear! What many do not know is that for the years, we have actively sought property to develop for this and other purposes.

For almost 4 years now, we have prayed and walked over potential properties, praying faithfully for provision and patience. We’ve even been in negotiations at levels of detail as specific as the height of light poles, the direction of stadium speakers, and even purchase prices. To our frustration, none of those hopes came to fruition. During that time, our parents, coaches, and athletes patiently trekked to practice fields and “home games” that were anywhere but “home,” and our athletic department has spent untold hours negotiating field rentals for practices and games, using school resources to rent fields, tracks, and courts with no long-term benefit to TCA.

Last week, it was my privilege at the athletic banquet to share that TCA leadership is closing in on what we believe to be an answer to this need. We are currently negotiating for a piece of property near our campus that, when purchased and developed, will allow future generations of TCA athletes to throw, catch, jump, tackle, bat, and run with a true home field advantage.

We can’t give much right now in the way of details other than to say that we believe we are closer than ever to acquiring the property that will beautifully meet the needs of our school. As this possibility comes into greater focus in days to come, we will keep you apprised of our progress.

So, like that time 13 years ago, I call on the TCA family to pray. Pray not only that God will meet this need, but that we will be wise stewards of this land should it become “ours” (God is already the real owner!). Pray that the God will continue to use our athletes, coaches, parents, and fans to show the world a better way of doing sports. Pray that our generation in the history of TCA will be “long” in vision and one that will generously invest in our children and in the children of those who come behind ours. Pray that the name of Jesus will continue to be lifted high through the Eagles and Lady Eagles of Trinity Christian Academy in here in Willow Park, Texas and that our influence will be a God-honoring impact on all those we encounter.

I’ll keep you posted my friends!