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Eagle Newsletter: Dec. 12

December 12, 2016
By Ken Nobles

This week is exam week for Trinity Christian Academy’s Secondary Campus.  Students have been hard at work on reviews and covering material in classes for exams.  I’ve included the schedule below.  6th Grade has their own schedule for the week and will be attending classes as usual on Monday – Thursday.  Friday, 6th grade will have their Christmas party and will be dismissed at 11:30 (contact Mrs. Kummerfeld for more details). 

How you can help:  Encourage your students to use their time wisely and to stay on top of their schedule.  They should be studying nightly and getting a good night’s sleep. 

When looking at the exam schedule, please note that students who do not have an exam during any the scheduled exam blocks, do not have to be at school during that block.  For example, if your child does not take a Spanish class for high school credit, they may go home after the English test on Friday.  Also keep in mind that students may not leave early after completing their last exams each day.  This week, secondary must come in uniform every day (including Dollar Days on Wednesday.)


Tuesday, Dec. 13

Regular Schedule with Reviews and Exams in:

Electives (If Applicable)

Wednesday, Dec. 14

Exam #1 – SCIENCE 8:10-9:40

Break: 9:40-9:55

Exam #2 – HISTORY 10:00-11:30

Thursday, Dec. 15

Exam #1 – BIBLE 8:10-9:40

Break: 9:40-9:55

Exam #2 – MATH 10:00-11:30

Friday, Dec. 16 

Exam #1 – ENGLISH 8:10-9:40

Break: 9:40-9:55

Exam #2 – SPANISH 10:00-11:30