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Eagle Newsletter: Jan. 3

January 03, 2017
By Lyricia Squyres

Dear Parents,

I pray that this newsletter finds you filled with love and gratitude after a nice, long Christmas break. That’s how I hope you are but if you are not then I say, “Count your blessings!” I was reminded of this old song as each of your children walked into the building this morning. One after the next, they are all blessings. Psalm 127:3 calls children a “reward”. It’s easy to count such sweet students as blessings.

I think we can all count our school as another blessing in our lives. Just knowing that God is working at our school is a reminder of his blessing. Since the start of school, God has brought 12 new families to TCA! We have excelled in sports and drama. I had the opportunity to visit several classrooms before Christmas break. I saw some amazing teachers and watched children actively engaged in learning. Children get so excited when they learn something new. You can see it in their faces and attitudes. It is thrilling to learn and your children are having fun at school! 

A third blessing that comes to my mind is that of friendships. TCA families and students seem to like each other! What a blessing! Not only do we invite each other to parties and see each other at events, but during school, students have friendships with each other and teachers. Our students are applying biblical principles in order to work and support one another. As I was writing this part of the newsletter, Mr. Griffith’s 3rd grade class came to sing Christmas carols outside of my office window. What a precious picture of love and support that I felt as my elementary “friends” sang to me!

I am so glad that we have blessings in common. I want to encourage you to continue counting your blessings this year. You already have three!

Happy New Year!
Love, Mrs. Squyres