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Second Quarter Excitement

October 24, 2016
By Lyricia Squyres

Dear Parents,

It’s hard to believe that one quarter of our school year is behind us. So far, this year has been so blessed, I am looking forward with anticipation to the next quarter!

To begin, our elementary school is opening its doors to parents on Wednesday as we host our annual parent/teacher conferences. This is a day that we set aside each year to personally talk to parents about their child’s progress. It is always profitable and insightful as we learn more about our students.

On Friday night, TCA will host the varsity TAPPS district championship football game. We will play Lubbock Christian. How exciting! I hope everyone will come to show your Eagle pride. This is a “big deal” as it is our first year to play TAPPS sports.

Those are only two of the many events to come!

During the quarter, mark your calendars for our annual TCA Craft Market, “Fortress of Fandom” TCA’s original student written play, Turkey-in-the-Ground bonfire, elementary dress like a pilgrim/Indian/Turkey day (one of my favorites!), chili cook-off, Family Christmas chapel and more! I love that our school values what God values- families. We have so many family-fun events planned. This is my 14th year at TCA and in my home, some of our sweetest memories are of talking to friends while our daughter played at Turkey-in-the-Ground. I hope you get involved and find something that your family will enjoy.  Know that you are a part of this and whole-heartedly welcomed!

God continues to draw students to TCA. It’s been amazing to see the growth after school has started. Thank you for telling your friends about TCA. Keep it up!

I’d love to stay and chat, but I must go plan my face paint for Friday night’s game!

Go Eagles!

Love, Mrs. Squyres