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The 3 R's of Easter

April 15, 2019
By Steve Newby

Easter is this week and it is one of the holidays with the 3 R’s just like we have in education. However, the 3 R’s for Easter are different than the 3 R’s for education.  The 3 R’s for Easter are Remember, Reflect and Rejoice.

Easter is a time to Remember what Christ did for us on the Cross. It is a time to remember, as we do at Christmas, the true meaning of the time of Easter. We have many fun activities, celebrations and dinners but it is important that while doing those things, we don’t forget why we are making the day a special one.

The second R is to Reflect. Easter is about Christ on the Cross but more importantly, it is about what happened because of Him going to the Cross. Christ took the weight of all our sin with him to the Cross and died with our sin. That is what it is all about – His sacrifice for our gain. Through Him, we can experience eternal life. Spending time thinking about it and reflecting on what that means for us personally and for all mankind keeps us focused on the true meaning of Easter.

The last R is for Rejoice. Christ going to the Cross was not a pleasant event. It was in fact a horrific event. Yet, we can rejoice because as ugly as it was, Jesus rose again, defeating death and opening the door for us to just believe in Him and have eternal life. Easter should be a time of not only remembrance and reflection but also of rejoicing! Our hope isn’t in the Cross, but in the personal sacrifice and resurrection of Christ!

Now that I have had my time to preach, let me share a little elementary news. As you read this, the K-5th Grade classes completed their Terra Nova Achievement Testing last week and have returned to their regular class schedules. However, the 4th Grade is on their Texas Heritage Trip to Austin and San Antonio right now so please keep them in your prayers. We are also launching our first PreK summer program, Eagles’ Landing, and are in the process of taking registrations for children ages 3-5 to join us. Please check the website to sign up and for more information.

We have the best students in the world and I want to thank you for sharing them with us.