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Minimizing End-of-School Stress

April 16, 2018
By Dr. Steve Newby

We are full on into the spring and getting closer to the end of school. With the winding down of the school year there is also a winding up of stress caused by trying to get everything done before the school year ends. We started achievement testing today so we have added anew stressor into  the mix. There are a few approaches you can take to make this time of year a little easier to manage.

First of all, stick to your schedules and routines. Sometimes that is easier said than done but it is important just to ease the stress for children when suddenly the routines change. Of course, spring programs, sports and other activities always impact that but some of the routines such as bedtime, breakfast and homework times can be maintained.

Secondly, keep talking with your child about how they are doing and give them encouragement on ways to handle the stress. If you find they are struggling with that, maybe they are too busy and it is time to cut out some of the extra activities. That is especially true if you already have a set routine that carries over from the fall and you have added the spring sports and activities on top of that.

I have raised three kids through and though I am no expert but I know my kids often took their stress cues from my wife and me. If we weren’t stressed about the coming activities, our kids seemed to be less stressed. How we react to life situations is a model for how our children will react as well.

A verse that has always helped me with stressful times is Psalm 94:19, “When my anxious inner thoughts become overwhelming, your comfort encourages me.” God can take the stresses of life and help you to manage them. Sharing that with our children will help them to rely on the one constant in their lives – God.

Blessings always,

Dr. Newby