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Spring at TCA

April 03, 2017
By Lyricia Squyres

Dear TCA Family,

Last week, Mr. Nobles reminded us of all the fun events that were happening at our school. He wasn’t kidding!

Wasn’t the TCA Family Dinner wonderful? Thanks to everyone who made last Saturday night so special. I especially enjoyed being reminded of how the Lord has blessed our school. God is using TCA to touch lives in amazing ways. Not only do we teach academics, we teach Jesus. The whole evening really encouraged my heart. We should sit down and have dinner together more often.

We certainly had a lovely Kinder/First grade Easter Musical last Thursday night. Thanks to Mrs. Janyseck for teaching our students so many Easter songs. As I was working at my desk this week, I heard some of our first graders singing the musical songs during afternoon pick up. God’s word has been planted in their young hearts.

Thank you to PTF for the beautiful Family Fellowship Breakfast. It was both sweet and yummy! I saw many happy children as they enjoyed a special time with their parents and friends. I know that our PTF executive board and many volunteers worked hard to provide that meal. I am happy to pass along sentiments and ideas for future breakfasts. Just email me your comments and I will make sure PTF receives them.

The elementary school will have our Spiritual Emphasis week April 10-13th. This is the week leading up to Easter. During the week, our enrichment teachers will plan fun activities for our students based around this year’s theme of “New Life in Christ.” You will see lots of butterflies around our building to help us remember new life. We will tell the story of Christ’s resurrection and gift of salvation. We would greatly appreciate your prayers during this meaningful time.

This week, I have the privilege of going on the 4th grade Texas History trip to Austin and San Antonio. We will take two buses, 26 students, 29 parents, 4 sponsors, snacks and tons of stuffed animals. Our students will tour many places and answer all the docent questions (they always do!) because they have studied so hard to go on the trip. We always have a blast. I can’t wait! I ask that you pray for us as we travel and tour.

That’s what family does. We eat together, play together and pray for one another. Know that I am praying for you!

Love, Mrs. Squyres