1. When was TCA established?
2. Where is TCA?
1. What are the tuition and fees?
2. What are the options to paying the tuition?
3. What are the options to paying the Legacy Fee?
4. What will the Legacy Fee be used for?
1. Where can I find the map to an away game?
2. Is the schedule on the website the most current schedule?
3. What kind of sports does TCA have?
1. In response to a growing need in the community for a Bible-based, college preparatory Christian school, Trinity Christian Academy opened its doors in 1993 with only 10 elementary students. A School Board was established, and the school began the process of receiving accreditation through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).
A steadily growing enrollment marked the school's early years as did the addition of first-rate facilities. The school's first high school graduation ceremony honored four graduating seniors on May 24, 2001 establishing a growing body of TCA alumni. In fall 2006, TCA announced its capital campaign for the new secondary building to accommodate growing numbers. TCA celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2008.
 2. TCA is located approximately 10 miles west of Fort Worth, Texas on Interstate 20. From Fort Worth, go west on I-20 and take the Mikus Road exit. Turn left under I-20. Make another left at the stop sign. Then, continue east on the service road for approximately two miles. TCA is on the right.
 1.  Tuition and fees can be found under the "Admissions" tab or through this link:  Tuition/Fees
2. Monthly tuition is bank drafted on the 3rd or 18th of each month (June - May of each school year). Trinity Christian Academy only sends payment reminders for quarterly, semi-annual and annual payers. The quarterly payments are due on June 1st, September 1st, December 1st and March 1st. Semi-annual payment is due on June 1st and January 1st. Annual payment is due on July 1st.
3. The Legacy Fund fees are collected annually by July 1st or monthly drafted on the 3rd or 18th. This fee is $360 annually per student.
4. The Legacy fund will be used initially to offset the cash flow needs of our new facility. In time, the fee will be used to fund the long-term vision of the school as God will continue to grow our campus, our student body, and each of us.
1. Hover over the "Athletics" tab and go down to "Schedules". Once you click on the desired sport schedule, look under the "Location" column. The "Away" link will be clickable and pull up a PDF map of the away game's location.
2. TCA does our very best to keep the online schedule as up-to-date as possible. Please, always check your email. If there is a game change or update, the Athletic Director will send an email when it occurs.
3. Please follow this link for a detailed look at TCA's sports: Sports Available to Students