TCA Athletic Mission/Philosophy

The Athletic Department of a Christian school should be a vital, contributing part of the total Christian education system. It should be a working ministry where students learn by being part of a team. The success of Trinity athletics is largely dependent upon the daily commitment by its athletes, coaches and parents to grow both spiritually and physically. The desire to win and excel is important, but to sacrifice Christ-like qualities to achieve a victory is foolish. Therefore, success cannot be measured solely by a scoreboard. We all win in the Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ.

The Trinity athletic department believes that Christian principles and values taught at home, in the classroom, and through the church can also be put into practice through competition. Student-athletes have the responsibility of displaying Christ-like qualities to a community that sees athletes as leaders. These qualities are difficult to maintain unless Christ is the motivation. The student-athlete may feel pressure to perform for friends or personal goals, but this is not the motivation that should drive a Christian athlete. Colossians 3:23 tells us we are "to do all as unto the Lord rather than men." Athletics can provide an opportunity to practice the principles of God's Word, offer an arena for the demonstration of our faith in Jesus Christ, and open doors for ministry through which the true missions of TCA and the God's Kingdom are accomplished.


Please click this link to access the 2015-2016 Athletic Handbook.