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Eagle Dash

Our EAGLE DASH will be an un-timed walk and we will collect flat donations, as opposed to the “per lap” donations we have solicited in the past.  We would like to encourage anyone that would like to attend to please come and walk with your child/grandchild.  Our main goal of this model is to continue to encourage a sense of strong community between our school and families.

Another big change you will notice is that prizes will be given on a class basis, instead of singling out any of the specific students who raise the most money.  Our desire is that this becomes a group effort and the students will be rewarded as a class with pizza parties, ice cream parties, and much more.  We will coordinate these prizes with the teachers after we have determined the “winning” classes.

As you know, this is our major fundraiser of the year, and it allows us to do all of the signature projects that the PTF provides for TCA, including Grandparent’s Day, Thanksgiving Feast, Teacher Appreciation Week, Family Fellowship Breakfast, coffee and water in Teacher Lounges, the Accelerated Reader Program, Teacher Classroom Supplies, and a $1,000 Senior Scholarship that we award every year. 

These funds also provide additional “extras” for our school, which have in the past included iPads, Chromebooks, playground awnings and benches, to name a few.  

If any of you are interested in helping as an EAGLE DASH volunteer, please contact me and I will get you plugged into a role.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kendall Smith at

Please click the button below to donate to TCA Eagle Dash.