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The Elementary sports program is designed to give students a first-look at the athletic programs for Trinity Christian Academy. Sports offered are meant to make the athletic transition to Junior High more fun and easier because students are used to practices, competition and teamwork.

We have a wide selection of sports currently offered and hope to increase sports in the future. Each program is designed to develop athletic skills as well as specific skill sets for each of the offered sports. A coach for each team is typically a volunteer parent.

We compete in Aledo Youth programs and are fortunate enough to allow our students to participate on these teams together as a school team. Practices are held after school one or two days a week, with games usually on Saturdays. The season generally last 6-7 weeks. Uniforms are covered in the registration fee. We hope to see your child representing TCA!

Elementary Sports Offered:

Volleyball- 5th & 6th grades

Cheerleading- Pre-K-6th grades

Basketball (boys and girls)- 3rd-6th grades

Flag Football

In addition to team programs, we also offer sports clinics throughout the school year. Clinics are designed to teach skills, strategy and techniques by varsity coaches and players of that sport. Parents with questions regarding elementary sports at TCA should contact Joe Hamstra at .