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2019-20 Tuition and Fees


How much of a tuition increase can my family expect?

On average, the monthly increase per student (beyond what has been typical) will amount to the cost of dinner for a family of four at Chili’s.

How do our tuition rates compare to those of other schools in our area?

TCA’s tuition is much lower than that of similarly programmed independent Christian schools in our area. Even with these increases, the cost of a TCA education will still be well below that of comparable local schools. (link to Area Schools Tuition comparison 2018/19.)

Will my family still be able to afford TCA?

TCA leaders are committed to keeping Christian education accessible and particularly desire that current TCA families be able to remain enrolled. Tuition assistance will remain available for qualifying families.

Will TCA change as we grow?

We do not believe that growth has to mean “heart change.” We may look different on the outside after 25+ years of maturation and growth, but our mission and vision have not changed.

Beyond improvements to teacher compensation and a balanced budget mentioned in the video, will the increase allow for other improvements?

Yes. The tuition increase will allow TCA to further develop curricular and extracurricular programs and sustain operations of a growing school.

Will any of this increase go toward future building projects?

No. Building improvements are handled through fundraising efforts while facility maintenance is funded through the regular budget. All new construction and renovation efforts are facilitated through fundraising efforts.

What if I have a question that’s not on this list?

TCA Head of School Mike Skaggs and TCA Business Administrator Gary Squyres will be glad to help! Please contact Lisa Deere ( if you wish to arrange a meeting.

2019-20 TCA Tuition and Fees

All tuition and fees are paid via the family’s FACTS account in ParentWeb.  Families may select payment options for their tuition from the following choices: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual.  The Legacy Fund ($360) is paid along with tuition, and enrollment fees are paid in full when the family submits a re-enrollment application for their child(ren).

Other school fees, such as athletic fees and after school care fees are billed separately and paid in the family’s FACTS account.