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Honors Algebra II - Mandatory Summer Assignment


Honors Algebra 2 is an important course as it will be the basis of your foundation in Pre-calculus, while preparing you for your future in mathematics.  Our expectation is that each student is fully prepared; therefore, the following math concepts must be mastered prior to the beginning of Algebra 2. A set of review problems covering these topics is attached.

  • Squares and Square roots
  • Simplify radical expressions (square root)
  • Properties of exponents
  • Order of operations
  • Solve multi-step equations
  • Graph linear functions
  • Connect word and algebra.
  • Multiply binomials
  • Solve and graph inequalities
  • Slopes of parallel and perpendicular  lines
  • Solve quadratic equations.
  • Basic Area and Volume
  • Parent functions

If you struggle with any topics as you review, one web site is . On IXL you will find many grade levels of example problems that you may find helpful if you have a particular struggle as you review.  Other web sites with additional review material are , https://www.khanacademy. org/  .

Honors Algebra II summer review is MANDATORY. It is due the first day of school. We will be testing over this material sometime during the first or second week of school.  You will have a chance to get some questions answered the first few days of class.